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MAGES Graduate Ryan Millerick Feels Prepared For Global Private Sector Career

Ryan Millerick

Master of Arts in German and European Studies

Salem, MA

Internships during time at SFS: Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Activity/internship Summer 2015: Government and External Affairs Office at BMW Headquarters, Munich, Germany

What made you choose SFS for your graduate education?

I graduated from Georgetown College with a degree in German and Classics in 2012. My experiences at Georgetown and abroad after graduation formed my interests in international affairs, particularly in the transatlantic sphere. I decided I wanted to seek a graduate degree in international affairs. The foremost program in the United States for transatlantic studies is the BMW Center for German & European Studies at the SFS at Georgetown, so the decision was an easy one for me to return to Georgetown.

How has SFS prepared you for your career path?

Through an amazing opportunity at the BMW Center, I was able to intern with BMW AG in Munich, Germany during the summer of 2015, with their political communication team. I made some great connections and was able to secure a position with their Corporate Communication Division this semester. My coursework has focused on the intersection of politics, communication, and business dynamics, which already helped me during my summer internship. I know my experiences in the SFS over the last two years have prepared me greatly to work abroad for a global company.

What has been your favorite course at Georgetown and why?

I truly enjoyed all of my courses during my two years at the BMW Center. Each course has taught me different skills and prepared me for my career. I particularly enjoyed my two courses with Prof. Holger Wolf: our core European Economy course and his elective course on the German Economy. These courses helped form the foundation of my studies and solidified my interests in exploring economics and business courses.

What will you miss the most about Georgetown?

I’ll miss the sense of community here on campus. While the graduate experience has been different from my undergraduate experience in many regards, there is still a strong Georgetown-wide community atmosphere on the Hilltop. Likewise, the SFS graduate programs have a unique sense of community, and particularly my program at the BMW Center. The identity and friendship that we all share in MAGES as a smaller regional program both in and outside of the classroom has been incredibly rewarding and something I’ll keep with me beyond my time at Georgetown.