In order to deepen ties within the family, APSIA launched a small grant fund for pre-tenure and recently-tenured faculty at APSIA members and affiliates in 2019. The fund will invest in projects which foster collaboration within the APSIA network, particularly across national borders.

In 2021, a committee of APSIA deans and directors selected two projects to support:

  • Johannes Himmelreich of the Syracuse Maxwell School and Simon Munzert of The Hertie School will create an interdisciplinary project at the intersection of data science and philosophy. Support from APSIA will advance the collaborative development of ethics instruction methods and materials, support joint virtual meetings of faculty from participating schools, and enable two hybrid workshops.
  • D.J. Flynn of IE SGPA and Gulizar Haciyakupoglu of Nanyang Technological University RSIS will advance research into best practices for combating misinformation about Covid-19, vaccines, HIV/AIDS, and other health policy issues in Asia and the United States. APSIA support will help them collect high-quality online survey data.


APSIA brings together leading graduate schools around the world which specialize in international affairs. Through the Faculty Fund and other programs, it strengthens members and affiliates by gathering information and sharing ideas. In all things, APSIA seeks to improve graduate education in international affairs and thereby advance international understanding, prosperity, peace, and security through the people and ideas shaped by our schools.