APSIA Celebrates with Inaugural Awards

APSIA Celebrates with Inaugural Awards

In 2021, APSIA launched a recognition program for members and affiliates to celebrate the hard work of the APSIA community and hold up innovative ideas.

Nominations came from the institutions themselves, as well as the broader community. In all, nominations were received for members and affiliates in seven countries. Representatives of APSIA members and affiliates served as evaluators of the proposals based on a set of standard criteria.

Impact Award celebrates an APSIA member or affiliate who has contributed to APSIA’s success across the organization over time and helped move our community forward.

Winner: University of California, San Diego School of Global Policy & Strategy for their many contributions to APSIA’s work with deans/directors, admissions, alumni relations, career services, communications, development, employer outreach, and the public.

Inclusion Award for Community Building celebrates programs/efforts within the last year that deepened a sense of connection within the community, particularly those that bridged different groups.


More on the Students of Color Alliance Reflective Conversations - The Students of Color Alliance was developed by and for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) students at GSPIA in the fall of 2019 as a place of solidarity and support. As the events of 2020 unfolded, SOCA introduced a model of reflective conversation centering the needs and perspectives of students of color. All members of the GSPIA community were then invited to join the conversation and build a  deeper awareness of the strength of dedicated safe spaces for BIPOC students.

Innovation Award for Professional Development Programming celebrates new or innovative programming that helped graduate students develop professionally in the fields of international affairs within the last year.

2021 Nominees

More on the Student International Policy Initiatives & Extended Research Projects - The Student International Policy Initiatives, funded and supported by the Ford School, enable students to design short or semester-long projects in areas of international policy. Projects ranged from curating a museum exhibit on Russian migration to working with the Austrian government on science diplomacy to supporting leading NGOs in combating illicit mining in Colombia to producing original policy research.

Intersection Award for Linking Theory and Practice celebrates programs/events within the last year that connected current affairs, policymakers’ work, and/or people’s everyday lives to the broader tenets of international relations.


More on the Denver Democracy Summit - The Denver Democracy Summit was created through a partnership between the Korbel School and the Copenhagen-based Alliance of Democracies Foundation. It built bridges between stakeholders in order to promote democratic ideals, to spur innovative ideas that meet contemporary global challenges to democracy, and to engage a diverse and global audience. The Summit convened substantive, cross-cutting, and global discussions on challenges and trends in democratic governance with policymakers, think tank leaders, academics, activists, journalists, and private sector innovators.

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